Tuesday, September 28, 2010

OoT Red Tunic, Part 1

First of all, I got my gold chocobo!  :D
Iddn't he cute? :3

Second of all, here is the first installment of the "How to Make Your Own Link Tunic" guide. Now, I'm certainly no expert seamstress, so I will probably make some mistakes, (in fact, I did) but I just improvised. That being said, let's begin.

In Part 1, I will be covering the basic tunic shape, leaving the sleeves, collar, and finishing up the seams and whatnot for next time.
What you will need to make the base of the tunic is shown here:

Namely, a few yards of red material (I had a little over three yards), scissors, red thread, needles, (or if you're feeling lazy, a hot glue gun.)

First of all, you're going to want to take your measurements. You don't want to accidentally make your tunic too small or too big. What I did was I laid out sufficient material and folded it in half, like this:

If you do this, it eliminates the need to sew up the right side.
Next, I measured the circumference of my arm, near my armpit and cut about 2 inches into the main part of the tunic like so:

This is where the sleeves will be eventually. I might end up cutting deeper into the actual tunic, depending on how everything fits.
Next, I measured the length from my collarbone to the desired length of the tunic.

For me, I cut it just above my knees, but I might go longer or shorter, depending on how it looks when it is worn. Choose a length that makes you feel comfortable, but also is accurate to the real Link.

Next, seal up the open side of your tunic. For me, it was the left side. Also, I glued it because I was feeling very lazy. It's probably a good idea to needle-n-thread it if you can, but in my experience, hot glue holds together really well.

And that concludes part one. If I wasn't specific enough about something or if you have any questions, please let me know! Part 2 will probably be up tomorrow, but if not, it'll definitely be up by Thursday.


  1. Awesome, looking forward to the rest of this guide and possible new guides. Do you have tips for props, like shield n sword?

  2. unfortunately no, I really don't have any clue on how to make a sword or shield. Although I do have a pretty blue ocarina that i will use for a PROP, which was only 20 bucks. Its this one: http://stlocarina.com/12hoplteoc3c.html

  3. this is badass, pity I'm no use at crafting things / sewing / anything like that..