Friday, September 24, 2010

Ifrit Redstar Fire Volcano

Today, I got a new ocarina. It's a plastic triple from
It was cheap, but it also has a pretty nice tone for the price I paid. Not to mention three full octaves!
At any rate, give me some suggestions for songs to learn, because I can't think of any.
I think I may play some megaman, but I'm still getting used to the other chambers and switching between them, and megaman music tends to be in weird keys.
Also Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy, but all suggestions are welcome.

Also here's a picture of it:

Isn't it lovely?


  1. Wow, that one looks great. Just have seen some from Korea (although they were made out of clay or wood and sh*t expensive). I always wanted one, but could never afford one :( I think I'm gonna by a plastic one. Can you make a youtube review? Would be great, thanks in advance!

  2. I always wanted to learn to play one of these.

  3. My first ocarina was a Tenor 12-hole from stlocarina, it was also plastic, and it was only 20 bux! I've had it for about a year. It was a great first ocarina to help get ahang of the notes and stuff.

    Also, the company does youtube reviews of all of their products. Here's their review for my ocarina:

  4. Looks cool Don't know how to play it but it looks cool lol :D