Thursday, September 30, 2010

DURRGE of Cerberderp

I'm playing this game now:

He wouldn't stop staring... My bullets went right through him...
I've heard nothing but terrible things about this game, but as an avid fan of the Final Fantasy VII series, I'm having fun with it. The story is kind of HURRDURR, but I'm not terribly far in yet, so who knows what will happen.
"Azul the Cerulean"
"Blue the Blue"
Real clever names guys.

Anyway, apparently, they're thinking about putting the Before Crisis cell phone game on the Nintendo 3DS. Imagine that, Ocarina of Time, Metal Gear Solid 3 and Final Fantasy VII all on one console. Fucking glorious.

Anyway, if you've played DoC, how did you like it? I'll say its been worth the 5 dollars I paid for it so far, but I'd like to hear you guys' opinions.
Alright, check ya later dudes.


  1. I liked it actually, the combat was fun and fresh the entire game. The story was complete ass like you said, and the boss designs are fucking terrible but it's fun for the most part.

  2. I just beat WEISS, watching the cutscene where Lucrecia goes NUTS. good stuff.

  3. I love Vincent and Cerbederp and Final Fantasy VII AND NO ONE CAN TAKE THAT AWAY FROM ME

  4. YEAH U GO GURL, also I BEAT IT, you should also BEAT IT. The final boss was really easy, I didn't even have to use a potoin :(

  5. This game is terrific in gameplay and overall fun experiance. I'll never play it again, but I'm psyched about news Final Fantasy and MGS 3 is coming to Nintendo 3DS. Fuckin' amazing news :)

  6. Fuck yeah man, I just need to get a million dollars to pay for it :(